Carmen “la Talegona”

30 august | 13:30 h | Plazuela San José

Carmen “la Talegona”

Carmen “la Talegona” (Córdoba, 1976) is part of a well-known flamenco saga.  She studied at the Conservatorio de Danza Española y Arte Dramático of her hometown.  Since she was 14, she has performed together with José Mercé, La Macanita, Chano Lobato, El Pele, Enrique Morente, or Aurora Vargas.  She stood out as soloist in the dance troupes of Manolete, Cristóbal Reyes, Antonio Canales, Rafael Amargo, Juan Andrés Maya and Blanca del Rey.

She teaches at the Fundación Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Patas, in the “Amor de Dios” school in Madrid and at the Centro Superior de Estudios del Flamenco Uflamenco, where she currently switches between her commitments as soloist dancer and her own Spanish and flamenco dance teaching method.

At Flamenco on Fire she launches Talegoneando, a show that inquiries into the roots of her flamenco ancestors, simply reflecting a way to understand dance as an expression and a feeling.

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