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Carlos de Jacoba


Carlos de Jacoba. Con David de Jacoba

21 august 23:30h Night’s Cycle - Hotel 3 Reyes

"Alpaca Real (Flamenco Guitar)"

Undoubtedly, one of the young promises of the current flamenco guitar players, Carlos de Jacoba instills grace and passion in abundance in the fine way he plays guitar.   The sound of his guitar is a universal language that expresses, with every note and every chord the magic and the feeling enclosed in his heart and his conscience.

Carlos de Jacoba opens the doors of his heart with ‘Alpaca Real’.  This is a show of flamenco guitar with traditional inspiration but with state-of-the-art sound that brings together a grand musical troupe: Miguel de la Tolea singing and guitar; Raúl Molina , singing; Tete Fernández, dancing; Natanael Borja, bass and keyboards; Paco de Mode, percussion and, to finalize the night out, David de Jacoba contributes the black velvet of his voice to the show.