Ángel Ocray y Luis Chaves 'El Piti'

20 august | 13:00 h | Plaza San Martín

Ángel Ocray and Luis Chaves 'El Piti'

Born in Pamplona, Ángel Ocray is one of the pioneers and promoters of flamenco fusion in Navarra. He began his solo career by winning the category of singer-songwriter in the Encuentros de Jóvenes Artistas de Navarra 2003, to later publish the solo album Sintiendo el alma. For his part, Luis José Chaves “Piti” is an Extremaduran guitarist based in Pamplona who has developed his career accompanying dance and singing in different companies, while combining his artistic side with teaching and playing dance in schools from Navarra, San Sebastián or Vitoria.

In F on Fire they pay homage to Navarra and maestro Sabicas, a founding figure of flamenco art and its international transmitter, with a recital of cante and guitar.

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