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Alba Heredia and Mikel Belascoain

25 august 19:30h - Plaza del Ayuntamiento


“Maga” is a show that wishes to take the audience in a straight forward and intense way, to the magic and roots of flamenco.

The show is directed by Mikel Belascoain, and it merges a solid artistic and scenic proposal with the dance of Alba Heredia, flamenco young promise, who presents a deeply rooted and intense dance, strengthened by a picture and cinematographic scene design that veils the viewers.

The performance is shown as primary, deeply rooted, irrational and anarchic and puts women in the center, representing and impersonating the magic of the art, shrouded by Luis Mariano Renedo´s guitar and Yorrick Troman´s violin. 

The stage proposal is made of four large format pictorial pieces inspired in the expressionist painting tradition, very colorful and symbolic.