Flamenco on Fire

Flamenco seals its love affair with the North in the sixth edition of Flamenco On Fire. The Festival, which is already one of the essential appointments of the year, will take place August 20-25 in the city of Pamplona, acclaiming the flamenco roots of the Navarra land in honor of Maestro Sabicas.

This year, the Festival will showcase a varied range of activities that will take place during 6 intense days that will set up Pamplona as the headquarters of flamenco up North. The streets and stages of the city will become a meeting point for artists, experts and the audience.

This year, Flamenco On Fire’s main theme will be ‘Generaciones, mitos y promesas’ (Generations, myths and promises). The concerts will all be developed around this topic, and the formats of the shows will be rule-breaking and innovative to build up cross-wide events and will touch most of the activities programmed within the Festival.

With a delightful and careful selection of contents, the Festival will offer, besides the major concerts hosted at the Main Auditorium of Baluarte and the already well known recitals of singing, dancing and playing of the Night Events at the Hotel 3 Reyes, a wide, free, cultural proposal on the open air, with ‘Flamenco en los Balcones’; ‘Jam Flamenca’ and ‘Generaciones, mitos y promesas’. Also, some educational and integrating activities will take place as part of the ‘VI Jornadas sobre Arte Flamenco de Pamplona’. And, just like every year, the best hotels and restaurants will offer a delicious food selection under the route ‘El Pincho de Sabicas’.

See you in Pamplona!

In Memory
of Maestro Sabicas
and dedicated to
‘generations, young
promises and
flamenco myths”.