Awareness- raising campaign, information, and appeal to individual responsibility

Fundación Flamenco On Fire sets up the current health guidelines and recommendations to be followed by the people in the audience, artists and festival staff during all the performances and activities developed during the VII Edition of the Festival Flamenco on Fire. 

The guidelines abide by the current nation-wide directives and those of the Comunidad Foral de Navarra (Navarra Regional Government).   The recommendations are based on the Guía de Buenas Prácticas para el Reinicio de la Actividad Escénica y Música (Best Practices for the Resumption of Scene and Music Activities) published by the  INAEM (Ministry of Culture) in connection with the development of music and stage shows.

Fundación Flamenco On Fire, under the motto #OnFireResponsable, will develop a communication campaign through its own means aiming at promoting and publicizing the guidelines and recommendations laid down in this document.

Complying with these guidelines and recommendations is an exercise of responsibility that should be accepted by all the attendees, artists, and staff of the festival.

What you need to do before you attend the festival
  • If you have presented any symptoms compatible with Covid-19, be responsible and stay home.
  • If in the last few days, you have been in touch with someone who tested positive for Covid-19, be responsible and stay home.
What you need to do during the festival
  • Comply with the current guidelines and recommendations.
What you need to do after attending the festival
  • If, after the festival or soon after you leave, you test positive for Covid-19, please contact the organizers so that we can properly report the case to the health authorities.
Basic criteria implemented and criteria to attend the festival
  • Use of protective mask is compulsory.
  • Use of sanitizing and disinfecting products is compulsory.
  • Keep social distance.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any of the shows.
  • Capacity of all venues is limited for all activities.
  • Free activities access by invitation only.
  • For fee activities Access by invitation only.
  • People attendance will be tracked for health purposes only.
  • Strict access controls in all the venues.
  • All the activities will have seated audience.
Use of mask, hygiene measures, social distance and non smoking policy
  • Use of mask is compulsory in all the venues of the festival.
  • Keep social distance (1.5 mt apart).
  • Use of sanitizing solution available from dispensers located in all the access controls of the events is compulsory.
  • Smoking is not allowed in any of the shows.
  • The organization will be able to force out those who do not wear the compulsory protective masks. 
Capacity limits, invitations, and tickets
  • All the events will take place in spaces with limited capacity, access control only with tickets or named invitations, assigned seats, and seated audiences.
  • Our website provides information about all the activities and events of the festival and instructions on how to obtain tickets or invitations.
  • Attendees should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the event. Doors for the venues will be open one hour before the show starts. It is imperative to avoid crowds at arrival and upon departure of the shows.
  • For all the free of charge shows: Access will be granted by invitation only. Invitations can be downloaded to cell phones (via QR code or bar code). There are no fees charged in connection with this process.
  • For the paid activities, access will be granted by the ticket bought.
  • The issuance of invitations or tickets requires prior registration and data providing that will allow the local authorities to track down attendees to the shows in case it is necessary.
  • A team of ushers will be available to help attendees find their seats and avoid crowds.
  • Disinfection stations will be in the alleys of all the venues and will be for compulsory use by the attendees.
  • All the seats for all the shows will be previously assigned. Attendees should make sure they occupy their assigned seat and changing seats or moving the seats set up is forbidden as this would alter the social distance measures established and will difficult the clearing of the venue.
  • The seats laid for all the free activities will keep the legal required distance and there will be sets of 2 seats for members of the same household with no possibility for change. Chairs should not be move under any circumstances.
  • Before and after every show, a specialized company will clean all the chairs and material used with the public.
  • For open air venues with shows of more than one hour, there will be a protocol for public chemical restrooms with continued cleaning services available.
  • Attendees will leave the venue in an orderly manner, using protocols by row or sector at the venue and following instructions from the organizers.
  • Attendees should not carry bags, large purses, back packs, or suitcases to the events to avoid the need for pat downs or searches by the security staff of the festival.
  • In case of doubt, attendees should approach the official ushers of identified staff of the organization or call the telephone line of the festival.
  • All the shows will take place during daytime, except those at the Escenario Ciudadela SXXI, that will end at 01:00 AM, with lead time to empty it by 02:00 AM as required by current end of show times.
Communication channels for Covid-19 related matters during the festival
  • There are two communication channels set up for the public in case of questions about health measures and organization protocols or input about inappropriate behavior or any other situation in connection with Covid-19:
  • The above-mentioned telephone line will be available for public help during the 5 days of the festival from 09.00 am to 03.00 (August 26 to 30).
  • The e-mail address will be available from the beginning of the festival and 20 after the closure of the (August 26 through September 19, 2020).
Communication and risk prevention policy
  • Flamenco on Fire will not issue any paper supported leaflet or brochure with information about the shows.
  • All the information regarding times, schedules, safety measures, artistic information and purchasing of tickets or invitations will be available through digital channels and on the web of the festival. 
  • The activities of the show will have QR codes that will grant access to the digital channels of the festival where all the information will be available.
Artists, Suppliers and Organization
  • The organizers will implement all the current measures established by local legislation about labor Risk Prevention, Self-Protective Measures plans and Infection Prevention. 
  • All the artists, suppliers and staff will get a Covid-19 Management Manual.  The document will specify all the technical, health and organization measures taken.
  • Only authorized staff and artists will have access to the dressing rooms and stage.  Names should have been provided in advance. 
  • The access to the work areas of people unconnected to the show or staff designated by the organization is strictly forbidden.
  • Security staff will be assigned to every access point in work areas and dressing room areas to run access controls.  Only those included in rosters prepared by the production team of the festival with information provided by the artists managers will be allowed entrance. 
  • In the cases of Auditorium Baluarte or Teatro Gayarre, the work schedules and protocols are established by the venue managers as signed in the corresponding contracts.  
  • Artists will not be able to sign on albums or merchandising materials and meet & greet with the public is not authorized in any of the venues of the festival.
  • There is a specific protocol for the evacuation for artists at the end of every show.
  • All the members of the organization and co-workers will have specific training about all the protocols in place.
  • Protocols to follow in case of infection suspicion or detection will be immediately implemented.  There are protocols for staff with and without symptoms.
  • Interview sets meeting all the social distance protocols will be available for the press and the artists.
  • All the equipment (microphones, headphones, etc.) will be properly disinfected.  
After the shows
  • Flamenco On Fire recommends and urges all the attendees, artistic and production staff to behave responsibly during the festival, particularly during and after the shows, for the general good of the public, the staff and the artists.
  • Friendly reminder: Private gatherings of more than 10 people in the Street are forbidden.
  • Under the motto #OnFireResponsable, the organization will develop an awareness, information and call for action campaign for the public about all the measures and safety protocols in place during the festival, with expected involvement from the organization staff members, the artists and the public .
  • The campaign will be publicized through the web of Flamenco On Fire, social media platforms, advertising, festival stages, public speaking announcements prior to the shows and stage signs.