Fundación Flamenco on Fire

The Flamenco on Fire Foundation was established on February 13, 2014.  It is a private, not for profit institution with headquarters in Pamplona (Navarra) and its main goals include dissemination and promotion of flamenco; its research, recovery and preservation; teaching of flamenco singing, dancing and guitar playing as well aa any other artistic expression of this form of art: and the recovery and broadcasting of the name and work of Agustín Castellón Campos “Sabicas”.

Since its creation, the Foundation has promoted the Festival Flamenco On Fire and, since 2019 the music cycle known as F On Fire.  Apart from these events, its two main action lines are Tandal and Eternal Sabicas.  The first one refers to activities of recording and preservation of the sound and audiovisual archives of the Foundation aimed at educations and research purposes.  The second one refers to dissemination activities of the name and work of Agustín Castellón Campos “Sabicas”.

Its activity has focused mainly in Navarra, but they also develop outreach activities beyond that community.