• Pictures exhibit
    David Zaafra
    From August 21 | Baluarte

    David Zaafra

    Gypsy apespects in Zaafra’s art

    In cooperation with the Instituto de Cultura Gitana, this exhibit looks over an excellent collection of David Zaafra’s work. “Lo gitano en el arte de Zaafra” describes the essential aspects of the Gypsy People through its gaze, movements, trade and portraits of their most renowned artists.

    David Zaafra (Granada, 1948-2017) is a painter, plastic artist and professional illustrator and has been one of the most renowned painters of flamenco motives in Spain.  His reputation is explained by his extensive work and undisputable quality.as he has been able to capture, just like few artists have done before, the flamenco soul.

  • Gathering
    Vermut Flamenco
    Tuesday 22 - 14:00 h | Casa Sabicas


    Vermut Flamenco

    Casa Sabicas is an establishment dedicated to flamenco and cuisine that originates at the same time as Flamenco On Fire, in 2014.  It has operated as a “peña flamenca” that also offers the most enjoyable food.  This place also honors great Maestro Sabicas, known to be one of the pillars of flamenco, for his ground-breaking personality and the musical legacy that he brought to this art.

    Casa Sabicas is located near the Cathedral of Pamplona, in the heart of the city.  It is a very stylish place, genuine and cozy where we can enjoy a vermouth surrounded by real flamenco atmosphere.

  • Conference
    Faustino Núñez
    Wednesday 22 - 17:30 h | Civican, Fundación Caja Navarra

    Faustino Núñez

    Understand Flamenco

    Faustino Núñez holds a master’s degree in musicology; he is also an author, record producer, University professor, cello player and guitar player.

    “Comprende el Flamenco” (“Understand Flamenco) is a conference addressed to lovers of this art, dancers, musicians and general audiences, where he goes in depth in all flamenco styles.

    Its structures, tones, musical meter and repertoire: all its contents will be illustrated with guitar and with a selection of audios.

  • Documentary
    Joaquín Calderon
    Wednesday 22 - 18:00 h | Civivox Condestable

    Joaquín Calderon

    On Fire Flamenco Art

    Joaquín Calderón presents an essay about the world of flamenco, its origins, its roots and essence.

    He counts on the support of great artists, singers, players and dancers, as well as renowned flamenco specialist or the internationally famous painter Lita Cabellut.

    Cast: Lita Cabellut, Pepe Habichuela, Antonio Canales, Manuela Carrasco, Farruquito, María Juncal, Jorge Pardo, Estrella Morente, Javier Colina, Josemi Carmona, Kiki Morente, Juan Habichuela Nieto, Remedios Amaya, José Maya, Karime Amaya, the BNE and the Symphic Orchestra of Navarra - Pablo Sarasate, among others.

  • Flash mob
    Compañía de Sandra Gallardo
    Thursday, 23 - 11:30 h | Plaza de los Burgos

    Sandra Gallardo's company

    Flash Mob

    Born to parents from Andalucia who moved to Navarra, Sandra Gallardo started her path in flamenco at the Escuela de Danza del Gobierno de Navara (Navarra’s Dance School) and for eight years she studies classic, Spanish classic and flamenco.  Currently she has her own school.

    In this performance, Sandra coordinates 14 dancers with live music by José Luís Chaves ‘Piti’ and voice by Mari Tere Acosta Romero, to present a joint coreography at Pamplona’s Plaza de Los Burgos de Pamplona. 

    Cast: Elisabeth Arenas, Tamara Ayllón, Natalia Arenas, Leyre Ayllon, Paula Fernández, Irantzu Alonso, Andrea López, Nadia Aldunate, Carlota Diego, Yaiza Pascual, Beatriz Rodríguez, Andrea Palomeque, Lorena Beorlegui and Elena Macias.

  • Book presentation
    Portada libro Enrique Morente. La Voz Libre de Balbino Gutiérrez
    Thursday 23 - 17:00 h | Baluarte

    Balbino Gutiérrez

    Enrique Morente. The free voice

    Balbino Gutiérrez, writer, journalist, Flamenco critic and lecturer. He presents a unique and fundamental compilation to bring closer together the figure and legacy of one of the most important artists of the flamenco history and the story of Spain’s music.

    This edition, culmination of the previously published in 1996 y 2006, collects the vital path both profesional and personal of Maestro Enrique Morente.

  • Conference
    Estela Zatania
    Friday 24 - 17:00 h | Baluarte

    Estela Zatania

    Low origin flamencas

    The extreme poverty that affected Spain right after the Civil War, motivated hundreds of families to find their way of living in “cortijos” (farms) in the countryside. “Flamencas de Gañanía” tells the story about these social events as lived in Spain’s southern fields from the perspective of a gypsy woman. (Based on the book of the same lecturer “Flamencos de Gañanía” 2007).

    Estela Zatania is singer, guitarist, dancer, journalist, writer and lecturer. Her book, “Flamencas de gañanía”, was awarded Best Flamenco Book in 2007.

  • Roundtable
    Lola Flores
    Saturday 25 - 17:00 h | Baluarte


    Women and flamencas

    Conductor: Dolores Palma García (Manager of the Cultural Communication Service of the Ministry of Culture). Speakers: Beatriz Carrillo de los Reyes (Second Vice President of the Spanish Council of the Gypsy People), Amparo Niño (dancer), Belén López (dancer), Estela Zatania (journalist), Laura González (guitarist). Presenta: Mertxe Leránoz (directora gerente del Instituto Navarro para la Igualdad).

    This gathering gets together six women to share opinions about the links and roles of women in the flamenco world. Women from several generations will discuss her experiences from several points of views as professionals, mothers, artists or partners.

  • Conferences
    Joaquín Albaicín y Salomé Pavón
    Sunday 26 - 17:00 h | Baluarte

    Joaquín Albaicín and Salomé Pavón

    Women, charm and other things...

    A married couple, Joaquín Albaicín, writer and Salomé Pavón, singer. Both born and raised within flamenco and in families where the charm (“duende”) has shined with its own light.

    Joaquín and Salomé tell us about their point of view, their experiences and life lessons.