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Thursday, August 287:30 p.m.

Flamenco On Fire Stage


Arcángel – Vocals
Miguel Ángel Cortés – Guitar
Dani de Morón – Guitar
Agustín Diassera – Percussions
Los Mellis y Agustín Diassera – Chorus/Handclapping

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Francisco José Arcángel Ramos was born in Huelva (Andalusia) in 1977. He made his debut as cantaor [flamenco singer] at the early age of 10, winning first prize at the fandangos [courtship dance] children’s contest at La Peña La Orden in Huelva.

The following year, Niño de la Pura and his brother, the dancer José Joaquín, invited Arcángel to be a part of their company. This was a period of artistic growth for him and soon he performed with great stars including: Jesús Cayuela and José Roca in the show ‘La Parrala’; Mario Maya in ‘Los flamencos cantan y bailan a Lorca’; and Manuel Soler in the production of  Por aquí te quiero ver.

Arcángel’s name had begun growing in popularity, when in 1998 he became a renowned cantaor and was praised by audiences and critics alike. His performances at the El Monte festival and the X Seville’s Bienal of Flamenco would bring him outstanding success. From that moment on, Arcángel became a cantaor unavoidably associated with many great bailaores [flamenco dancers] such as Cristina Hoyos, Israel Galván, Eva la Yerbabuena, and Javier Barón, all of whom he accompanied with his singing.

Arcángel has performed in an eclectic variety of productions: ‘De Oscura Llama’ (2009), created by contemporary composer Mauricio Sotelo, their collaboration lasting more than a decade; and ‘Zambra 5.1’, a show classical in style, yet far beyond conventional flamenco that pays tribute to one of flamenco’s greatest stars, Manolo Caracol.

The Huelva-born cantaor confirmed his value at the recording studio in 2001. His first solo album ‘Arcángel’ dazzled both audiences and critics with his approach of flamenco-risky but faithful. This recording brought him great success, as well as the Andalusia Youth Prize (2002) and the Flamenco Activo National Prize of Úbeda, among others. He later released the albums `Quijote de los Sueños’ (2011) and ‘Las Idas y las vueltas’ (2012). The latter, accompanied by the viol musician Fhami Alquai, was awarded in 2012 the prize Giraldillo de Oro of the Seville’s Bienal.