Flamenco on Fire

The Festival Flamenco on Fire One is one of the main initiatives of the Fundacion Flamenco on Fire.  It started in 2014 in Pamplona/Iruña with the goal to develop an event that could reveal the current situtation of the flamenco scene. Flamenco is an art that never stops evolving and that, lately, has shaken off many trite cliches from the past.

Flamenco on Fire uses the figure of Maestro Sabicas, born in Pamplona, as a source of inspiration and has adopted the same line of thought of the guitarist who helped divulge flamenco worldwide.  Since 2014 the festival has met its annual appointment, bringing to the stage innovative artist and proposals always respectful with the tradition and the history but also showing the most innovator trends of current flamenco.  This way, through its six previous editions, Flamenco on Fire has become a ground-breaking and unique festival, and an international example of flamenco art that widely disseminates the work of the contemporary artists.

Within its willingness to spread the flamenco art, Flamenco on Fire includes in its programming free concerts and events outdoors as well as research projects, workshops or audiovisual activities to make the flamenco available for all to enjoy, know and share.  For this same reason the festival works closely with the Federation of Gipsy Associations in Navarra (GazKalo) and prepares ther project Tandal, an initiative soon to be announced that wishes to spread the flamenco to different levels, from the audience to the professional musicians through technlogical advances.

With its 2020 edition, Flamenco on Fire offers again a refined artistic proposal, paying attention to all the flamenco branches and offering to the audience a selection of many sentitivities and approaches to a live art, in continuous evolution.