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A cultural event that would serve as a creative engine and showcase for the different aesthetics that coexist in flamenco. With that idea, and with the purpose of recovering the name and work of the Navarrese Agustín Castellón Campos "Sabicas", was born in 2014 the Festival Flamenco On Fire, an event more than consolidated in the summer agenda. Every year, established artists and emerging figures perform in Navarra to celebrate the vitality of this musical genre in continuous evolution. Flamenco On Fire is in luck: in 2023 we celebrate ten years.

About the theme of the 10th edition

After asking what flamenco is in 2021 and highlighting the lyric in 2022, this time the guitar will take center stage through the concept "alzapúaThis time the guitar will take center stage through the concept of "", a characteristic technique of flamenco guitar playing that uses the thumb to strike the strings. Alzapúa will be a gateway to the instrument and the work of Sabicas, so present since our beginnings, as well as the other figures and artistic disciplines that the festival wants to add to its anniversary. After the lyric, the voice of the guitar roars.

Our tenth anniversary coincides with the centenary of Lola Flores, Fernanda de Utrera and Rafael Farina. The commemoration of Paco de Lucía 's 75th birthday and 50th since the release of the emblematic album Fuente y Caudal, which included Entre dos aguas. Also 50 of the death of Manolo Caracol, 10 years of the death of Juan Moneo "El Torta" and 60 of the first album of José Menese, who recorded with Melchor de Marchena. Likewise, the cultural center "La Casa de Sabicas" in Pamplona also celebrates its tenth anniversary. Flamenco On Fire is celebrating its birthday, but other commemorations will be added to its celebration. Navarra, therefore, is getting ready for a great cultural event.

Great concerts

The cycle 'Grandes Conciertos' each year brings to the public the top figures of flamenco, both established and emerging artists. This year will start this cycle and the 10th edition Miguel Poveda in the Baluarte Auditorium with his show Cantes y poemas del cante jondo unique in its 2023 tour. The day will be March 25, at 8 pm.

The rest of the 'Great Concerts' will take place in Viana, Tudela and Pamplona in August. David Lagos will open the doors of the Ruinas de San Pedro de Viana with Clásico personal on the 18th at 21:00. FarruquitoOn the other hand, the Gaztambide Theater in Tudela will open its doors with Bajañí on the 19th at 9.30 pm. After them, on Wednesday, August 23 will take place an own production of Flamenco On Fire in the Auditorio Baluarte: Una historia del cantaor flamenco, with Vicente Soto Sordera, Antonio Reyes, La Tremendita, the Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra and other invited artists entering the universe of Manolo Caracol 50 years after his death. In the same space and also at 9.30 p.m., the show Viviré will be on Thursday 24. Tomatito with Viviré on Thursday 24; Eva Yerbabuena and Juan Kruz with Re-fracción (desde mis ojos), on the 25th; another of the festival's own productions, Alzapúawhich unites for the first time the young guitarists Alejandro Hurtado, David de Arahal, José del Tomate and Víctor Franco under the direction of Rycardo Moreno, on the 26th; and, finally, the show Desde la cuna, from Estrella Morenteon August 27.


Borderline, but not elusive. Current and always avant-garde, 'Escenario Siglo XXI', in the Zentral hall of Pamplona, hosts the most heterodox side of Flamenco On Fire. This 10th edition the first artist to tread the boards will be Soleá Morentewho presents on August 23 at 8 p.m. her latest album: Aurora y Enrique, dedicated to her parents. With the same schedule can be enjoyed on Friday 25 Roneo Funk Club of La Plazuelaflamenco, electronic and enveloping sounds in the set of Granada. Finally, the Agustisimísimo de Tomasito, from Jerez, will celebrate the carefree of his bulerías and rumbas on Sunday 27.