Cartel Flamenco on Fire 2017

Flamenco on Fire 2016

Flamenco On Fire presents is fourth edition following the great success of the previous years. Flamenco will travel north again from August 22-27 to transform the city of Pamplona into a showcase of the best artists within the current flamenco scene. The capital of Navarra will offer its delightful cultural, musical, culinary, artistic and leisure proposals and it will become again the meeting point for great artists and fans.

The Festival keeps an eye out for the latest developments and the fusion with other music styles without neglecting the purest flamenco in all its dimensions: singing, playing and dancing. Moreover, the Festival will also focus on new talented artists and whiz kids.

The main Baluarte’s auditorium will host five grand shows and the Sala Zentral will host a big concert. All of these performances will showcase a very exclusive offer where quality and creative risk take precedence. Also, the Hotel Tres Reyes will host a “tablao” which will include a Night Series with six top level performances


‘Flamenco On Fire de Cerca’. By Javi Fergó