Fundación Flamenco On Fire
bailaora Flamenco on Fire 2022
Viana 12 August

Sandra Carrasco, La Fabi, Alba Heredia, Joni Jiménez

Tudela 24 August

Carmen Linares

Pamplona 25/28 August

María José Llergo

Rául Cantizano et Los Voluble / Cristian de Moret

José Mercé

María Toledo

Estevez & Paños

Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba

Israel Fernández et Diego del Morao

Tablao Manuel Parrilla / El Purili et Antonio Moya / Juana la del Pipa et Manuel Parrilla

Flamenco on Fire

A cultural event that serves as a creative engine and showcase for the different aesthetics that coexist in flamenco. With this idea in mind, the Flamenco On Fire Festival was born in 2014, an event that is well established in the summer agenda. Every year, familiar artists and emerging figures perform in Navarre to celebrate the vitality of this ever-evolving musical genre.

Flamenco lyric poetry, the theme of this year's edition, takes up the great themes of humanity and returns them in the form of a sentence: life, death, love… What does flamenco singing sing? Or - what does the flamenco of today and the flamenco of history tell? We consider this question in the ninth edition with a programme that gives prominence to the lyrics and continues to give value to the legacy of the master Sabicas.

Greats Concerts

Every year, the 'Grandes Conciertos' cycle brings to the public the top figures of flamenco; both established and emerging artists. Carmen Linares, the latest Princess of Asturias award winner, presents her latest show '40 años de flamenco'. María José Llergo will bring us her show 'Sanación'. José Mercé, presents his new record, 'El oripandó'. María Toledo, the first cantaora to accompany herself on the piano, will perform versions of Mexican songs like never before: 'Ranchera flamenca'. The award-winning dance company Estévez & Paños presents 'La confluencia'. Finally, Israel Fernández, accompanied by Diego del Morao on  guitar will close the cycle with his 'Ópera Flamenca', drawing inspiration from and heavily influenced by the 1930s.

XXI century Stage - Zentral

The 'Siglo XXI - Zentral' stage presents the most disruptive and avant-garde aspects of this culture, which in its encounter with other genres creates the most diverse results. The guitarist Raúl Cantizano and Los Voluble bring an audiovisual proposal that combines flamenco and electronic music. On the same day, Cristian de Moret will perform,showing his Andalusian customs with electronic, rock and funk landscapes. The psychedelia of Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba will close the show.

F on Fire

The dissemination of flamenco art in all its manifestations and the approach to all audiences in Navarre, are fundamental objectives. The F on Fire cycle, initiated in 2019 within the festival, thus takes on its own identity to bring diverse proposals to different historical and unique venues in Navarre, while opening programming spaces to promote the flamenco talent of artists from Navarre and the north of Spain.

The Flamenco On Fire Award

The Flamenco On Fire Award was created with the intention of recognising those who, for decades, have worked for the dissemination, recognition and dignity of this culture. Beyond the strictly musical, through photography, journalism, stage management and communication, throughout history, few names have achieved the title of transcendent. Thus, the organisers believe that José María Velázquez-Gaztelu, Pepe Lamarca and the Corral de la Morería tablao deserve this distinction. The awards ceremony will be presented by Luis Ybarra, a young journalist specialising in flamenco, in the palatial rooms of the Nuevo Casino.

Jornadas eterno Sabicas

Tienen como eje vertebrador la puesta en valor del legado de uno de los guitarristas más destacados de la historia, referencia capital de este género dentro y fuera de las fronteras navarras. También divulgar desde diferentes prismas, a través, sobre todo, de mesas redondas y conferencias, la cultura en la que hemos de contextualizarlo: el flamenco. Investigadores, comunicadores y artistas de distintas disciplinas relacionadas con el arte jondo acuden a esta edición para reflexionar y compartir conocimiento acerca de lo que se cantó en el Concurso de Cante de Granada de 1922, el papel de la mujer y las letras que más han cultivado, centrándolo en la figura de Lola Flores, y la lírica en sí: qué cantamos. Lo harán en la Casa Sabicas (26), la librería Katrakrak (27) y Baluarte (28) en tres jornadas en días sucesivos a las 13.30 horas.

Ciclo de cine

Flamenco On Fire, in its attempt to outline and experience flamenco from all possible angles, presents a cycle dedicated to the cinema of flamenco. A different way of bringing the public closer to transcendental characters, such as La Paquera, Terremoto or Manolo Sanlúcar, fragments of the history and experiences that nourish the flamenco genre. To explore the music, the stage, the guitar and the dance in a way that goes in a different direction to the strictly musical, there will be screenings of feature films and short films that will be complemented with round tables in the same space of Civivox Condestable. Documentaries in which the word, what the cante sings, has a specific weight and meets other disciplines.

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1997, the Civivox Condestable building, a historic building of civil architecture, forms part of the Flamenco On Fire stage network in Pamplona. Considered one of the city's great cultural centres and driving forces, this year it is hosting a showcase of flamenco and cinema: the screening of four documentaries that will conclude with debates open to the public with their protagonists, who have dealt with transcendental figures of this music on the big screen.


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