Carmen Amaya in the Memory

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Karime Amaya, Susana Casas, Belén López & El Junco

Sunday, 31 August, 7:30 p.m.
Sabicas Stage

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Carmen Amaya played an essential role on Sabicas’ personal life and career. Together, they travelled across America – from Argentina to Canada – finding great success in the United States. In Sabicas’ own words: “It took us (Carmen and himself) great time and effort but, with her dancing and my guitar-playing, we finally made authentic flamenco be known in the whole world: known and appreciated”

‘Carmen Amaya in the Memory’, is a show born to pay tribute to one of the most relevant Flamenco stars. She was a bailaora –flamenco dancer- who shook up flamenco dancing with her deeply rooted aesthetics and her ability to express flamenco’s nuances. Thus, her art was unique, full of passion and liberated from any technique.

Four prominent young bailaores of great personality, Karime Amaya, Susana Casas, Belén López and ‘El Junco’ willfeature together on a show recalling Carmen Amaya’s limitless art.


Karime Amaya, was born in Mexicoin 1985 within a family of prestigious artists related to flamenco. In fact, she is the great-niece of Carmen Amaya. She began her professional career at her parents dance company becoming, soon, a regular on the most relevant festivals around the globe: Mexico; Tokyo and Ecuador. She then triumphed in Spain starring at Antonio Canales’ show ‘Bailaor’.


She was born in Seville (in the Spanish southern region of Andalusia) in 1977. Susana Casas took her first steps into dancing under maestro José Galván at the early age of 8, and shortly after she began touring across Mexico. Thereafter, she made her debut in France and Japan as part of the show ‘Carmen’.

In 1998, she joined Cristina Hoyos’ ballet and in 2003 she was offered the main role in ‘Yerma’, which she performed with great success.


Belén López, was born in Tarragona (Catalonia) in 1986 and at the early age of 5 she performed for great dancers such as Antonio Ruiz, ‘El Bailarín’, and Pilar López. She moved to Madrid in 1999 where she worked for the best tablaos [taverns showcasing flamenco], soon reaching international renown. In fact, she was the lead dancer for four seasons at ‘La Arena di Verona’, Italy.


El Junco, was born in the neighbourhood of Santa María, Cádiz, in 1975. At a very early age, he joined Vicente Marrero’s ballet ‘Danza Soleá’ and attended the school ‘Peña Enrique el Mellizo’ where he deepened his knowledge of Cadiz-style flamenco. It is in 1996, when he started working at Cristina Hoyo’s company. His participation in ‘Yerma’ won him a nomination to the Max prize of performing arts in 2003. When bailaora Carmen Hoyos was named director of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, El Junco, became first dancer and choreography assistant at Cristina Hoyos’ company.

At FLAMENCO ON FIRE, these four artists will bring us closer to the art of an exceptional artist, a trendsetter, in a production which will take us through her origins, her time and her legacy.[/two_third]