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Miguel Angel Cortés

Miguel Ángel Cortés

23 august 23:30h Ciclo Nocturno - Hotel 3 Reyes

"Sonantas en tres movimientos"

He is one of the most trustworthy and requested accompanying guitars in the current flamenco arena. He got the price Giraldilla 2014 for his playing style and he keeps some precious treasures that he only reveals when playing solo. Now he presents three different aspects of guitar playing and creates a metamorphosis with them.

In the first movement, classic music has an absolute prominence. This first piece is composed by José María Gallardo del Rey for Miguel Ángel.

The second movement is dedicated to maestro Sabicas. The “farruca” brings the memories of the most traditional flamenco. It counts on the assistance of Ana Morales, dancing.

And, the last movement shows Miguel Ángel’s most groundbreaking aspect. The movement includes pieces from his latest work “El calvario de un genio” that plays tribute to the great maestro Morente and his excellent album “Omega”. Again, dance has a leading role in some tangos from Granada, with an overwhelming personality, able to transport the audience to the very same Alhambra.