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Antonio Carmona

Antonio Carmona

26 august 21:00h Sala Zentral - Sala Zentral

"Obras Son Amores"

After more than 20 years as lead singer of the band Ketama, Antonio Carmona published his first solo album “Vengo venenoso” that was another international success. Apart from being a great composer, he is a singer with a very unique voice and a percussionist that great artist like Alejandro Sanz are always willing to play with.

Antonio presents this year his new solo work ‘Obras Son Amores’. This is a record born between Miami and Madrid, with eleven memorable title songs performed with the assistance of many other great musicians.

His new Project keeps the Antonio Carmona style but he distances himself from his previous Works by an unprecedented maturity and positivity.

His proposal is joyful, dynamic, and full of unexplored sounds and new melodies. With a distinctive originality and an overwhelming personality, he offers a show furnished by unexplored tones, stages, feelings and tastes.

Antonio Carmona sings to his father, the guitar player Juan Habichuela (1933-2016) with an open heart and with a touch of longing, of inherited nostalgia, but also from the light and the hope, from the deepest gratitude. He seems to have sharpened the affection pencil, fine-tuned his guitar and his heart, and has liven up and learned from the evolving and positive philosophy, from rebirth ideas, starting all over again. Teresa de Jesús taught us the lesson of the lessons: “obras son amores y no buenas razones” (actions speak louder than words). Songs are acts of love. His songs are written with wisdom, songs that source from the soul and the natural talent of this artist, who is in love with music and life.