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Miguel Poveda

Miguel Poveda

27 august 21:00h Baluarte - Stage "Flamenco on Fire"

"Miguel Poveda in concert"

Miguel Poveda stands out, on his own merits, amongst the most interesting and innovative voices of the flamenco style. This artist – Premio Nacional de Música 2007, Catalonia’s Premio Nacional de Cultura 2011, Jerez’s Premio de la Cátedra de Flamencología, Medalla de Andalucía in 2012 and Sevilla city and province adopted son -, with more than 25 years of professional activity, has been able to build his career with talent and using the inspiration from the great maestros of music, without genre borders and with freedom as standard.

He has presented his numerous shows around the World and has collected the recognition from the audience humbly and full of gratitude. To his list of albums (with more than ten records) now he adds ‘Sonetos y poemas para la libertad’ (sonnets and poems for freedom), his latest piece, addressed with courage and full of fine taste and superior quality. Hi previous work, ‘arteSano’, got a Golden Record and ‘Coplas del querer’ was awarded with several prices and obtain Golden and Platinum Records.

Miguel Poveda features a concert where he shows most of his musical fondness, starting from his training as flamenco singer and moving through poetry and “copla”. The show is a dynamic performance, full of emotions.

He is accompanied by Jesús Guerrero, guitar; Antonio Coronel, drums; Paquito González, percussion; Londro, Carlos Grilo and Dani Bonilla, clapping and voice backing. The music production is from maestro Joan Albert Amargós. This is a concert to freedom.