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José Maya

José Maya

26 august 23:30h Ciclo Nocturno - Hotel 3 Reyes


Madrid-born and gypsy, José Maya has deep roots in several artists’ lineages: singers, dancers and painters: ‘Los Maya’ and ‘Los Romero’. In his blood stream runs an untamable energy that flows directly from his soul and that he expresses in his dance and his art. He is then a wind blow that takes you to the mystic spaces that live in his mind. He is the appearance of an interior strength that he reveals in impossible geometric figures with his arms, legs, body and soul, with a glance into the sunset.

“Maya” is an original journey that invites us to get to know the deeper corners of Jose’s dancer’s soul and that shows us his quest for the truth. In this profound show, Jose Maya, inspired by the mature singing of Manuel Tañé and Enrique ‘El Extremeño’, runs after the source of his instinct and invites us to join his inside journey to reach a state of full freedom. Pino Losada’s guitar and ‘El Piraña’s percussion accompany him in this trip which is a narrow path, a small door but that also brings the comfort of feeling how distant souls couple together. He unveils the feeling of something which has always been buried deep, its rhizome.