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Kiki Morente y Juan Habichuela Nieto

Kiki Morente and Juan Habichuela Nieto

26 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

Kiki Morente is a singer, guitar player and composer, son of the unforgettable maestro Enrique Morente. He started his career as a child, backing his father with vocals together by his sister Estrella and their uncle Montoyita. In those early years he performed in stages around the World where he stood out due to his mature attitude on stage and his premature artistic wisdom. He brings his strong personality to all his performances and captures the audience at once thanks to his charm and conviction.

Juan Habichuela Nieto is grandson of Juan Carmona ‘Habichuela’, unquestionable guitar maestro. When he was just fifteen, he traveled with Enrique Morente, backing him with vocals throughout the most prestigious venues in the World. He has evolved rapidly and intensely, and has received numerous awards because of his brilliance, his feeling and the precision and magic of his creations.