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Duquende y Paco Heredia

Duquende and Paco Heredia

24 august 13:30h - Balcony of the Hotel La Perla

Duquende is nowadays one of the most renowned singers in the flamenco arena. He is, most certainly, an artista touched by a stroke of genius. When he was eight, Camarón de la Isla invited him to perform by his side and he even played guitar with him. Duquende stareted this way his bright career that has taken him to perform on the best venues worldwide.

The guitar player Paco Heredia accompanies Duquende with his delightful guitar. He was born in Barcelona and he is descendant of guitar players. He stands out because of his talent and delicacy when accompanying singers. His composer side has taken him to become musical director for great theater plays like ‘Bodas de Sangre’ and even to compose soundtracks.