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Diego Carrasco y Tomasito

Diego Carrasco & Carrasco Family

25 august 23:30h Ciclo Nocturno - Hotel 3 Reyes

"Con la colaboración especial de Tomasito"

Diego Carrasco is one of the reference points in today’s vanguard flamenco, originating from the emblematic neighbourhood of Santiago, in Jerez de la Frontera, where he is considered to be the ‘Guru of beat’ (el guru del compás). With a long and prolific career, he loves and feels his land above all things, which is a source of inspiration present in all his art. Carrasco is a guitar player, singer and producer, with a strong personality as a creator and a recognisable sound of his own. Charismatic, personal, genuine, Carrasco blends concepts, colours and nuances with taste without losing his flamenco essence.

Diego Carrasco is accompanied by the ‘Carrasco Family’, a band that defends their lineage with freshness, energy and a very special flow, transforming each show into a ceremony of the art of beat. With Curro Carrasco on guitar, Juan Grande on bass, Maloko Soto on backing vocals, and Ane Carrasco on percussion, these young band has developed a musical language of their own and a hallmark of talent, rhythm and sensitivity.

Tomasito, aka ‘The Robot Kid’, is an all-round, unique, multifaceted artist, characterised by his natural singing and, especially, by his peculiar dance. He is a Fred Astaire in jest, Michael Jackson from the streets of Jerez, an upright gypsy and a punk rocker. He sings and at the same time displays tap dancing, break dance, flamenco or whatever comes to his mind, with his shoes on his feet or on his hands: pure charisma, energy and elation.

With Diego Carrasco and Tomasito, an outspoken show unfolds, with a wild mise-en-scene, full of spontaneity and continuous interaction, distinctive of Jerez de la Frontera, the land with ‘duende’. A music burst and an explosion of beat.