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Cañizares and the Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra. Director: José Antonio Montaño

22 august 21:00h Baluarte - Stage "Flamenco on Fire"

"Concert ‘Al-Andalus’ for guitar and orchestra in memory of Paco de Lucía by Juan Manuel Cañizares"

Maestro José Antonio Montaño returns to the Teatro Baluarte in Pamplona with the Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra, after directing the first reléase of the Ballet “El laboratorio del Dr. Fausto”, a production of the Teatro Real of Madrid. This time, the audience will be able to enjoy a symphonic concert that will include Al-Andalus Flamenco Concert for Guitar and Ochestra by Juan Manuel Cañizares. In this concert the author himself will play the solo part. The program will also include pieces of Manuel de Falla.

The grief for the death of Paco de Lucía, with whom Cañizares shared ten years of work and deep friendship, is the seed from which ‘Al-Andalus’ sprouts. This pain has turned the creative process into a painful and complex path, as shown in the second movement very obviously. The second movement is a funeral march that contrasts with the pace of a “bulería”.

And from grief to relief with the “taranta”, the cadence that serves as bridge between the second and the third movement and that develops to the rhythm of “tanguillos de Cádiz”. In this last fragment of the concert, Cañizares remembers the maestro-friend with winks to his most famous compositions. Paco de Lucía plows through ‘Al-Andalus’ on every note, with the fine balm that characterizes Cañizares.

First part:

  1. Añorando el Presente
  2. El Abismo
  3. Lluvia de Cometas
  4. Mar Caribe
  5. Lejana
  6. Collar de Perlas
  7. Cuerdas del Alma

Cañizares Flamenco Quartet

  • Cañizares:
  • Juan Carlos Gomez:
    second guitar
  • Angel Muñoz:
    dance, cajon drum and handclapping
  • Charo Espino:
    dance, castanets and handclapping

Second Part:

  1. Sombrero de Tres Picos Suite No.1
  2. Sombrero de Tres Picos Suite No.2
    (Manuel de Falla 1876-1946)
  3. Concierto Al-Andalus para Guitarra y Orquesta a la memoria de Paco de Lucía
    (Juan Manuel Cañizares 1966-)

Symphonic Orchestra of Navarra

  • Director:
    José Antonio Montaño
  • Guitar:
  • Handclapping:
    Angel Muñoz y Charo Espino