Flamenco/a on Fire

Crossing borders and stronger than ever, flamenco travels North again from August 21 – 26, transforming the city of Pamplona into a storefront for its best current artistic talent. Flamenco on Fire will hold its fifth edition praising the flamenco roots connected to Navarra through and in honor of Maestro Sabicas.

Once again and during six days, Pamplona will become the headquarters for flamenco in the North, settling in its streets and stages a meeting point for great artists, experts and enthusiasts.

With a broad and tended variety of contents, the Festival will offer a free, excellent outdoors cultural proposal known as ‘Flamenco en los Balcones’ and ‘Jam Flamenca’ that will supplement the core offer of shows housed at the Main Auditorium of the Baluarte and the concerts of singing, dancing and flamenco tapping of the ‘Ciclo Nocturno’. There will also be some workshops and educational activities integrated in the fifth “Jornadas de Arte Flamenco de Pamplona’. And, like in previous years, the best hotels and restaurants will offer a delicious dining experience at the route ‘El Pincho de Sabicas’.

See you in Pamplona!


En memoria
del Maestro Sabicas
y dedicado a
la mujer flamenca.

To the flamenco woman

‘A la mujer flamenca’ is the cross-cutting cycle that will be released this year for the first time at Flamenco On Fire with the aim of enhancing the women’s entity within the flamenco world. Major shows at Baluarte, concerts at the stage of the Hotel Tres Reyes, concerts of women guitar players at several spots in the city, conferences and workshops will be scattered around this program in honor of women. On top of that, this new cycle will feature the image of this edition of the Festival together with the renowned artist Mikel Urmeneta.

Keeping its social aspect, the Festival will donate 500 charity tickets to organizations that work promoting social inclusion and women empowerment.